Splendid – August 2004 – “…this juicy little space-pop nugget should be enough to tag them as one of the best-unsigned bands in the country.”

The Stranger NYC – July 2004 – “Pretty in Pixels is the best 25-minutes of fun you can drop eight bucks on this year. It’s rare these days for a band to come around with heaps of talent and even more potential.”

Big Yawn – June 2004 – “…the lyrical imagery and layers of sound tended towards the cinematic, [and] the standout vibrato of their vocalist really captivated.”

Mystery and Misery – June 2004 – “This is perfectly crafted pop music that you could either chill out to or use to impress your friends at your ability to find such quality music.”

Life During Wartime – May 2004 – “Recorded in one week after the famous NYC blackout, Pretty in Pixels delves into the subconscious nature of the band’s most perverse desires…”

Indieworkshop – April 2004 – “These guys manage to rather successfully take all of these elements and swirl ‘em all up to a level of foamy richness where I feel very relaxed, kicking back on the sole cushy chair in my new living room doped on red wine.”

Sponic – March 2004 – “The incredibly well-constructed and polished album defies the usual DIY aesthetic.”

Delusions of Adequacy – February 2004 – “…the production on Pretty in Pixels is impeccable, and the songwriting and musicianship even more impressive.” [see related interview]

Crashin’ In – February 2004 – “…soon the interest grew into a strong love. Now I am having problems getting it off my stereo.”

Left Off the Dial – February 2004 – “The production on this album sounds absolutely beautiful.”

UsedWigs – February 2004 – “…this impressive EP is awash in understated kinetic energy — pleasingly odd noises and layers of sensual sound…”

IGN Music – January 2004 – “The Fatales deliver the best album you’ve never heard.” [see related interview]

Left Off the Dial – December 2003 – “Best Mid-Atlantic Releases of 2003 – Harajuku Hip”

The Tripwire – July 2003 – “Be on the look out for The Fatales…combining the best of BRMC and Muse.”

Delusions of Adequacy – April 2003 – “…lovely shimmering guitar lines – acoustic and electric mixing nicely with some synth – for a wonderful pop feel.”

Left Off the Dial – April 2003 – “…testosterone-driven, male as a sex symbol kind of guitar rock that makes any warm body want to sway its hips, spin a gun barrel, and think dirty thoughts.” – September 2003 – “The slinky synth sounds of D.C.’s answer to Interpol…”

Swizzle-Stick – February 2003 – “I’ve heard the future of rock and roll and it’s called The Fatales.”