Current Updates

Thanks to everyone who came out to our recent shows. The heat and traffic violations in NYC didn’t stop the rock, as delicious music and gelato triumphed. The Album Leaf delivered a heavenly set at IOTA in DC. And in NYC, La Laque and PS managed to turn in some sweet performances at Rothko and Pianos.

We were able to record a few songs in Brooklyn at Simdisc with Andrew Prinz! If you didn’t just wet your pants with glee, it’s because you’re not yet familiar with his work in Mahogany, Auburn Lull, or Saloon ( all on Darla records). We’re mixing the new songs now.

In other news: our song Ministry of Defense will be on a Velvet Blue unsigned band compilation. This is Jeff Cloud’s small but awesome label (bassist of Starflyer 59 and Joy Electric). Check out Velvet Blue artists LN or MAP; you won’t be disappointed. We’re giggly schoolgirl fans of SF59. I have a pin-up of Jason Martin in my locker.

An Update on Our Store Front


Many of you have been wondering how our new store is coming along, well we’re proud to announce it will be opening very soon.

With the some designs provided by fontspace and the help of americansignletters we’ve put together an amazing display up front.

If you’re looking for inspiration definitely check out reddit they have some awesome ideas. This project was crazy but we’re still hard at work.

You typically observe these fitted over the base of storefront windows, as well as die cut to diverse patterns. There is a constant recognize wherever folks might find your work, and you also never realize when folks will undoubtedly be buying a agent, so possessing a highly-seen sign will surely boost your prospects.

It didn’t stop there because we wanted something clever outside leading up to our launch event so we used these guys.

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